RAMP is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Amy Guerreri, a mother of 4 and entrepreneur, who wanted to make a difference in the lives of hungry children living in what is often known as "Hidden America." Since 2009, RAMP has been working with the Martin County Public Schools and the Martin County community at large. RAMP has become one of the most relied upon resources in Martin County, Kentucky.  

Why Martin County?

  • 12,800 people in the county, 
  • One of the poorest counties in the US, 
  • 33% of people live below the poverty line (2x the national average of 15.3%) , 
  • 45% of families with kids live below the poverty line,
  •  73% of the children are on free or government subsidized lunch programs, 
  • Some families have no electricity or plumbing in their homes
  • Limited safety nets for the county - no homeless shelters, large food pantries, job training centers, etc
  • Parents are unable to buy healthy, fresh food for their children - packaged, fast food and soda are more affordable therefore childhood obesity is an ever-expanding problem

All of RAMPS efforts are focused on Martin County kids and their families. Funds raised go directly to operating hunger relief programs including:

  • Backpack Program, which sends fresh produce, healthy snacks and nutritious foods home with food-insecure public schoolchildren (kids whose main meals are eaten only when they’re at school).
  • Community Food Pantry, which provides fresh produce, food and commodities to anywhere from 200-500 families-in-need every month.
  • Summer Mobile Feeding Program, which RAMP helps the Martin County Public School Board of Education to operate for students who may not have any access to food at home during summer vacation 

In addition, RAMP works with the Martin County community to identify critical needs and create solutions in the areas of nutrition and emergency relief intervention.