RAMP Microloans

Martin County residents with a viable business idea and plan can apply to RAMP for small loans in the amount of $300 - $3,000. Loans can be used to purchase equipment and supplies, hire employees, and promote and expand a business, resulting in economic stimulation. RAMP is partnering with the local University of Kentucky Extension office to provide training for microloan businesses including bee keeping, fish farming, candle making, and other local crafts and products.


Meet Betty! Betty Harris of Calf Creek Creations received a RAMP microloan. Calf Creek Creations is a sewing project that makes beautiful organic cotton aprons and quilts with an Appalachian heritage. Calf Creek Creations products are currently sold at select Whole Foods Market® stores in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.  

Invest in small businesses! Click here to support Martin County entrepreneurs! 

Do you live in Martin County? Loans up to $3,000 are available to enterprising local Martin County individuals interested in starting or expanding a small business. Click here to apply!

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