RAMP focuses on three main program areas:


Ramp believes that everyone in America should have access to affordable healthy food. When you eat well, you live well. To this end, RAMP works with schools and community members to implement programs that focus on bringing nutritious food directly to those that need it most. These programs include: the Backpack Snack Program, School Salad Bars, Nutrition Education, and School Gardens.

Economic Development

RAMP understands that basic needs must be met, but that long-term economic development is critical for sustained change to take place. So RAMP invests in small businesses in Martin County to help develop economic prosperity from the ground up. Check out Betty Harris of Calf Creek Creations, RAMP's first community microloan recipient. RAMP is also thrilled to share the launch of Youth in Microenterprise, a new initiative that will provide training, mentorship and support to high school seniors interested in starting their own small business. At the end of the school year, four students (or groups of students) who present winning business plans will be selected to receive a loan of $4000 each. RAMP will continue to work with recipients throughout the first year of the loan.

Emergency Recovery

Martin County, Kentucky has as many natural disasters as the coast of Florida. While RAMP is primarily focused on the Eat Well ~ Live Well and economic development programs above, the organization cannot stand by when disasters occur. When needs arise, RAMP provides informed, coordinated on-the-ground response to emergency crises. With an active presence in the community, RAMP is able to provide basic needs (food, shelter, water, electricity) to those that need it most in the wake of natural and economic emergencies.

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