RAMP fights poverty in America:  46.2 million Americans live in poverty - the largest increase since the U.S. government began tracking poverty figures in 1959.  RAMP is a unique, innovative non-profit model for sustainable change in one of the most impoverished rural regions in America.

RAMP is strategic: In an area that has historically suffered from isolation and lack of services, RAMP is the only strategic resource that identifies needs, mobilizes resources, and crafts solutions on a local level.

RAMP brings solutions to scale: RAMP’s opportunity is to recreate this successful program and combat poverty throughout the Appalachia region.


RAMP’s personnel and programs embrace the following three core values:

Respect for the Community:  RAMP relies on the values of and input from the local community.  They are the experts on where they live.  Without the support and embrace of local residents, schools, and business leaders, RAMP would not be able to effect change on such a broad level.

Community-driven:  RAMP has “feet on the ground!” RAMP listens to, understands, and works with people, especially our next generation of children, inside their communities to effect change. Through relationships characterized by trust, respect, and mutual accountability, RAMP works with local residents to create solutions that can be maintained and ultimately owned by the community.

Passion for results: RAMP is energized by passion and insists on results. RAMP’s passion and determination are contagious and help shape informed, impactful programs. RAMP delivers on what we promise and stays put to ensure results.

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