Vision and Mission

RAMP’s vision is to significantly improve the well-being of children and families across rural Appalachia.

RAMP’s mission is to CONNECT resources, INVEST in communities, and EMPOWER children and families to lift themselves out of poverty, beginning in Martin County, Kentucky.

How We Work

RAMP works with the Martin County community to identify critical needs and create solutions focusing on nutrition, economic development, and emergency relief intervention, with a special focus on children and families.

RAMP connects resources locally and nationally to address basic human needs where other resource are limited or inaccessible.

RAMP builds relationships with the community, schools, and local government and business leaders to mobilize volunteerism and facilitate the efficient delivery of resources and services.

RAMP believes in a “hand up, not hand out” operating model that invests in the community from the ground up.

RAMP empowers the families, schools, and organizations of Martin County to take ownership of the programs, get involved, and volunteer to help bring about positive change.

RAMP envisions a poverty-free Appalachia. It strives to refine its operating model and grow its impact by replicating the Martin County pilot throughout the Appalachian region.

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