In February 2009, mother of four and local entrepreneur Amy Guerrieri watched Diane Sawyer’s ABC News report "Hidden America: Children of the Mountains" from Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Shocked to discover how deeply impoverished Americans were suffering in the Appalachia region of Martin County, Kentucky, Amy realized she had to do something to help. As CEO of beverage company Rockin’ Water™ (a children’s fortified water), she immediately organized a mom-to-mom, kid-to-kid, and community-to-community outreach campaign from her offices in Connecticut.

RAMP (originally The Rockin’ Appalachian Mom Project) was born out of this impulse with an original mission to teach, feed and sustain the children and families of the community. RAMP’s response has since evolved from a short-term effort to deliver emergency food and basic supplies to a long-term community-driven, results-oriented commitment to connect resources and facilitate action to build nutritionally secure and economically robust communities in rural Appalachia.

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